Spain, Italy, France and Germany announce summer flights without quarantine

The European Commission plans to present its plan on Wednesday,
The European Commission plans to present its plan on Wednesday,

  • Conte promises Italians a summer without quarantine
  • “We have formed a working team between the four transport ministers of and we have already drawn up lines of intervention,” says the Italian minister.
  • Johnson and Macron agree that travellers between the UK and France do not have to quarantine

“Spaniards who fly to Italy this summer will not have to go through quarantine,” said the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Paola De Micheli, at a video press conference on Monday.

For days the Italian government has been in talking to Spain, Germany and France in order to develop a joint security protocol that will allow flights between these countries this summer “without being subject to reciprocal quarantine.”

This follows the initiative of Paris and London that have already agreed on an unrestricted airtravel. French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke on Sunday about the agreement that will allow quarantine not to be applied to French and British people travelling between the two countries.

Taking into account that tourism represents 14% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Italy is adopting strong measures to favour this sector.

Minister De Micheli explained that Italy hopes to open its borders to international tourism without imposing quarantine, regardless of what other countries may decide. In this sense, Paola De Micheli clarified: “If the question is whether a Spaniard arriving in Italy should quarantine, the answer is that there will be no quarantine if we open tourism, but what we cannot control is what other countries will do”.

The European Commission plans to present its plan on Wednesday, the 13th, to eliminate the confinement measures for coronavirus for air transport.

De Micheli expressed his hope that the EU this summer allows “tourists to move” between member countries “with complete security”, although it is assumed that the tourist flow will be significantly less than in the past.


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