UK to introduce “14-day quarantine” for air passengers in response to Coronavirus pandemic

UK introduce 14-day quarantine in response to Coronavirus
UK introduce 14-day quarantine in response to Coronavirus

Airlines from the United Kingdom have been informed that the government will introduce a 14-day quarantine in an effort to curb the Coronavirus.

The restriction is expected to come into effect at the end of the month and will be applied to anyone travelling to the UK from any country except the Republic of Ireland. Passengers to the UK would be expected to self-isolate at a private residence and may be requested to provide an address when they pass through the UK border controls.

Airlines UK, which represents a number of UK-based airlines, including British Airways and EasyJet, said, “We need to see the details of what they are proposing”.

The policy will be presented to airlines and airport representatives by the UK’s minister of Aviation, Kelly Tolhurst, in a conference call which has been scheduled for Sunday morning.

UK airports have said that the policy would have a devastating impact on the UK aviation industry as well as the wider economy as a whole and have said that it should only be introduced “on a selective basis following the science”.

Many people are asking why it is necessary to introduce such a policy now saying that if it has become essential at this point then why was it not introduced weeks ago when the pandemic began spreading through the UK. Since the initial outbreak thousands of people have travelled through UK airports putting other travellers and airport workers at high risk of contracting the virus. The government has countered this argument by saying that many of the travellers were returning to their homes in the UK.


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