Death rates for Coronavirus drop to new lows in France, Italy, and Spain

Death rates for Coronavirus drop to new lows in France, Italy, and Spain
Death rates for Coronavirus drop to new lows in France, Italy, and Spain

Death rates for Coronavirus have dropped to new lows in France, Italy and Spain and the countries are now beginning to ease the restrictions which has seen them completely locked down for almost two months.

The death rate in France were 135. In Spain’s they were 164, the lowest since mid-March, and Italy the death rate was 174, a two-month low.

Russia, on the other hand, recorded more than 10.000 new infections in just 24 hours suggesting that the virus is taking a stronger grip in the country. Only 58 deaths were recorded, however, taking the total to 1.280.

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In the UK, 315 deaths were recorded placing the country in third place for the total number of deaths per country. Despite the numbers, however, UK officials say that the outbreak of the Coronavirus has reached it’s peak and that the number of new cases and hospital admissions is now decreasing.

So far more than 3.5 million people have been infected with Coronavirus / Covid-19 and more than 250.000 people have died as a result of the pandemic.


From May 11, France is planning to lift its lockdown. According the the Health Minister, Olivier Véran, this will depend on further declines in the number of new cases. Some businesses will be allowed to  reopen and children will return to school in phases. The limitation on movement will be adjusted so that people can now travel up to 100km from their homes without any documentation.

The restriction placed on people entering France to go into isolation would also be relaxed for those travelling to the country from from Schengen countries or the UK.


The death toll in Spain dropped to 164 in the latest statistics released by the Ministry of Health. It was the lowest figure for a month-and-a-half and showed a sharp decline on the figures published just a few days ago.

Since Saturday, adults have been allowed leave their homes to exercise although there are still some restrictions on the times. Under 70s are allowed out for an hour of exercise from 6am to 10am and then from 8pm to 11pm. Over 70s may leave their homes between 10am and 11am and then again from 7pm to 8pm. During the day children under the age of 14 may leave their homes in the company of an adult. (There is a limit of three children per adult.)

From Monday masks will be compulsory on all public transport. Some small businesses are alowed to re-open by appointment only.


Italy has registered the lowest number of new cases in almost two months.

On Monday the lockdown restrictions will be relaxed and adults will be allowed out of their homes to exercise as long as they maintain social distance. They will be allowed to visit relatives (but not friends) within ther region. Schools, cinemas, and most shops will remain closed. Bars and restaurants are expected to open in June.


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