UK Space Agency joins Women in Aerospace Europe organisation

The future success of the UK space sector depends on increasing the number of women in leadership roles and improving diversity and inclusion, Dr Alice Bunn, International Director of the UK Space Agency said today.

By joining Women in Aerospace Europe (WIA-E) as a corporate member, the UK Space Agency has committed to playing a leading role in supporting the progression and visibility of women in one of the UK’s fastest growing industries.

Half of the UK Space agency’s Executive Board are women, as well as 46% of all staff.

Dr Alice Bunn, International Director, UK Space Agency said:

Leading the new space age and maximising the potential of the UK sector can only be achieved if we stimulate diversity and ensure that we are as open to talent as possible.

This is essential if we want the UK space sector to be filled with the best and brightest people, driving new ways of thinking and cutting-edge innovation.

Women are under-represented in aerospace, so it gives me great pleasure for the UK Space Agency to lead by example in working towards achieving gender balance and joining Women in Aerospace.

Women in Aerospace Europe was founded in 2009 as a professional association dedicated to increasing the leadership capabilities and visibility of women in the aerospace community, and is a sister organisation to Women in Aerospace (WIA) founded in the United States in 1985.


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