New Film Fund aims for Optimum results

Optimum Film Management is quickly becoming THE film fund for both producers and investors in the UK. Their impeccable financial credentials, savvy commercial outlook and exciting slate of movies makes them a safe bet for anyone interested in film finance. Film Finance News described it as “the most exciting prospect for the British film industry has offered investors for years.”

Since the UK government closed down EIS relief for film production investments last year, the British film industry has been gripped by a quiet crisis. With Ingenious cancelling their entire roster of media EIS, a huge decline in production looked certain. The Enterprise Investment Scheme had been the backbone of British film finance for 20 years. Film has always been perceived as risky but without the EIS cushion, the industry lurched into a nightmare paralysis.

While in 2017 £1.91 billion was spent on British film production, the majority of this was on international productions shooting at British studios rather than domestic film making, bringing none of the box office back to the crown. With the withdrawal of EIS support even these numbers are set to dip but Optimum is focussed on inward investment into the British Film Industry.

Whereas most financiers and producers either waved the white flag or were consumed with denial, the Optimum Film Management team structured an exciting new offering which benefits both producers and investors. Low costs, high returns and an aggressively commercial ethos make Optimum a truly unique prospect for investors looking to play the film game and movie makers looking for fair partners who can actually deliver on their financial promises.

Based in the heart of London’s Belgravia, the fund has already built strong relationships with key London production companies and is expected to announce its initial slate in August, focussed mainly on the action and thriller genres. The fund only works with established producers with strong track records and has apparently been flooded with projects since opening its doors earlier this month, with budgets ranging from $1 million to $10 million.

The Optimum Film Fund marks the start of a truly exciting time for the British Film Industry and we are looking forward to following their progress. Despite the uncertainty caused by Brexit, this feels like a great British opportunity.

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