LONDON BUSINESS FOCUS: Everything you need to know about HEREFORD FILMS

In three years, Hereford Films has established itself as the key brand in the British crime and action film market. Producing films such as We Still Steal The Old Way, Bonded By Blood 2, Aura and The Krays – Dead Man Walking. A genuine disruptor in the often static British film business, Hereford is a company not afraid to make a noise, focussing on aggressive marketing and publicity for its decidedly commercial product.

Released last year, The Krays – Dead Man Walking was the biggest non-theatrical British film on DVD of 2018, outselling the likes of Black Panther and Ready Plater One in its opening week. Critically acclaimed as well as a significant commercial success, it went on to sweep the board at the inaugural Britflix awards, winning Best Producer, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Rising Star (male and female).

Hereford CEO Jonathan Sothcott, described by GQ Magazine as “a film producer behind a whole new generation of on-screen hardmen” is a film industry veteran, with 40 movies to his name and well over a million DVD sales. Britain’s youngest television executive (he ran The Horror Channel aged just 24) before he entered the film industry, he recently won CEO Monthly’s Most Innovative Film Production CEO at the Global CEO Excellence Awards.

Hereford has soundtrack and publishing arms – Hereford Records and Hereford Books respectively, as well as a dedicated horror film division, Hereford Horror which has so far produced two movies. Hereford Records launches its first two releases in June, while Hereford Books will publish novelisations of key Hereford Films as well as original ‘expanded universe’ material. Hereford recently announced a deal with 1066 Logos to produce a range of official merchandise, starting with We Still Kill The Old Way T-shirts.

The company is committed to diversity and is currently working with a number of female and BAME film-makers to tell the very best stories Britain has to offer. CEO Sothcott says “we have just signed a two picture deal with an incredibly talented female director who is already an important film-making voice. We have an open door policy for talent, there’s no other way: we want to give people the best platform to make the best films.”

Hereford has a busy production slate for 2019 and beyond with highlights including:

Described as a ‘London John Wick’ this blistering action film follows Frank, a former special sources soldier turned underworld killer whose daughter is sex trafficked by the Russian Mafia. With the clock ticking and the underworld against him he must use every trick in his considerable arsenal to save the one person he loves.

Based on the real-life elite Tornado squad who disburse prison riots, this action packed siege movie sees the Tornado team up against international terrorists holding an American senator prisoner in Britain’s highest security prison.

In the early 1960s the notorious Kray twins cross swords with boxer Freddie Mills against the backdrop of the notorious ‘Jack The Stripper’ serial killer. Is Mills hiding a dark secret and can the twins stop him before more blood is spilled?

A brutal insight into South London’s drug wars, this cutting edge urban thriller in the style of Kidulthood is one of Hereford’s most hotly anticipated future productions. With a killer soundtrack and authentic grime vibe Trappers is shaping up to be the British youth movie of 2020.

The third instalment in the incredibly popular ‘We Still…’ series sees stars Ian Ogilvy, Chris Ellison, Lysette Anthony and Tony Denham returning for one final battle. When an old ally, out for revenge, starts murdering the Archer gang, Ritchie Archer has to step up to the plate for the fight of his life. But with Roy reticent to start a gangland war, can he do it on his own?

Based on the best-selling book by Ronnie Thompson (The Hatton Garden Job, Screwed), Knifer is described as ‘Starred Up meets Shifty.’ Drug addiction, criminal behaviour, murder… and all before his sixteenth birthday. From foster home to children’s home to living rough on the streets, Cain never had a normal childhood. By the age of 8 he was carrying a knife. 7 years later he was serving time for killing someone. Based on real events.

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