Gianpiero Lotito is the new President of the European Tech Alliance

Today the European Tech Allianceis pleased to announce the appointment of the its newPresident: Gianpiero Lotito, Founder and CEO of FacilityLive.

FacilityLive is Italy’s highest valued technology company and a European search platform developing next generation software for the organisation, management and searching of information, and a founding member of EUTA.

As the President, Gianpiero will represent the European Tech Alliance in high-level events, stakeholder meetings and in the media, leading the Alliance of European Tech scale-upsin assisting policymakers and fostering growth across Europe during the challenging months ahead.

Founded in 2015, the European Tech Alliance seeks to represent the variety of tech voices across Europe, bysharing visions and raising with policymakers the practical issues which represent important barriers or opportunities to building Europe’s digital market, including attracting investment and expanding globally. It was also created with the intention of helping the technology sector scale up andcreate jobs.

The members of the Alliance regularly meet with European Commissioners, Governments leading representatives and the most influential Members of the European Parliamentand of National Parliaments, to contribute to shaping the best policies for the completion of the Digital Single Market, including AI, Consumer Protection, Copyright, Data Flow andData Protection and many more.

The European Tech Alliance is comprised mainly of tech scale-ups that were born or built in Europe. Today it counts27 members such as, BlaBlaCar,­, Klarna, Soundcloud, Spotify, Taxify and Transenter to name a few.


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