FINAFEX launches a new crypto asset regulated exchange

Capital Investment Bank Limited crypto arm, FINAFEX launched a new crypto asset regulated exchange that aims to resolve many common issues and challenges faced by the crypto community today. Through the successful development of a transparent and fully regulated exchange backed by the Capital Investment Bank (Labuan) Ltd (CIBL), FINAFEX is poised to be the global leader in cryptocurrency trading platform in the heart of Asia. Based in Labuan, Malaysia, an attractive premier International Business and Financial Centre in the Asia Pacific, FINAFEX is supported by an Investment Bank licensed under the purview of the Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority (LOFSA).

In this regards, FINAFEX is poised to be the dominant cryptocurrency trading platform for the region by its virtue of location, accessibility, usability, its cutting-edge technology, innovative tools and trading packages, delivering a seamless, regulated and legally sound environment while attracting millions of users who previously lacked access to crypto assets trading and thus benefiting the entire crypto-economy.

Norita Ja’afar, Founder and CEO of FINAFEX said, “Crypto trading exchanges are becoming more as a source of utter financial gains for developers and less as a contributing factor to crypto economies, leading to a state where it is becoming tougher for quality projects with limited resources to get listed on in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.”

The exchanges where cryptocurrency is being traded are facing issues such as high trading fees, security vulnerabilities, noncompliance with regulatory authorities or uncertain nature of operations in terms of legal compliance, lack of multi-language support, and poor customer support.” She added.

Based on the new solutions, guided by the Capital Investment Bank (Labuan) Ltd (CIBL), FINAFEX will act as a modern age crypto asset exchange that aims to resolve issues faced by the crypto community via the development of a transparent and fully regulated exchange system. As the crypto arm of Capital Investment Bank Limited (CIBL), FINAFEX will provide a multi-asset, fiat-enabled crypto trading exchange that enables seamless trading and exchange of crypto to crypto and fiat to crypto at a minimal cost. The FINAFEX platform also provides a transparent fee structure, which at its lowest tier is a minimal fee of 0.2% per trade and purchase of crypto assets via Debit Card, Credit Card or Direct Bank Account.


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