British journalist Matthew C. Martino discusses distant friendship as he opens up about BFF Cristal Alshaik

Long distance relationships have always been subject to numerous views, but what about LONG DISTANCE FRIENDSHIPS?

We sat down with British journalist Matthew C. Martino who has recently struck up a friendship with Filipino model & actress Cristal Alshaik

Matthew, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. So how did you and Cristal meet?

MM: It was all on social media, we met through Instagram. I was doing a research piece on the modelling industry in Manila and I found Cristal’s profile. I followed her and she instantly followed back.

At what point did you strike up the friendship ?

MM: It must have been weeks in, I often checked out her story and the issues she discussed on her Instagram and realised we had a lot in common and we thought about certain situations in the exact same way. I went away to Singapore for a holiday a few months ago and whilst I was there Cristal joked that we are “Partners In Crime” and since then the term Partner has just stuck.

PICTURED: Filipino model & actress Cristal Alshaik

Isnt it difficult being so far away from each other?

MM: Well yes and no – I find that I am able to support Cristal and she can support me from Manila. Sometimes I am out clubbing and she will comment on what a good time I am having, sometimes she is out having a good time and I will be encouraging her to make even more bad decisions.

So what do you two have planned for the future?

MM: Well funnily enough I am travelling to Philippines for work early next year, so I plan to spend time with Cristal and we have also discussed holidaying together.


Europe Today’s top tip for keeping a long distance friendship going:

Let your friend know you haven’t forgotten about him or her

The longer you are away from your long distance friends, the less frequent your contact will probably be. You will meet new people and there are times when you’re just really busy with other things.

And that’s okay! But if you want to maintain a long distance friendship, let your friend know you haven’t forgotten about him or her. Instead of sending a message with a simple question like ‘how’s it going?’, make your friend feel special. This doesn’t have to be something expensive.



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