Berlin´s youth meets its superheroes in Germany

Nike welcomed Dirk Nowitzki, Moritz Wagner and Dennis Schroder at the Berlin Basketball Festival. The festival´s mission was all about inspiring and enabling a new generation of young athletes.

Across the day, the Nike Basketball Festival brought together a multitude of Berlin youth-oriented sports organizations, sports teams, and consumers to celebrate Nowitzki´s storied career and his impact on the game of basketball at the Wriezener Karree in Berlin Friedrichshain.

Nike’s day-long basketball festival combining basketball, play, competition and discussion, where some of Nike’s biggest athletes, including Dirk Nowitzki, helped Berlin´s new generation of ballers to articulate their dreams and offer them words of mentorship to turn those dreams into reality.

By bringing the superheroes of sport to Berlin and connecting them with the city’s youth and its grassroots sports communities, Nike aims to inspire young athletes to turn their dreams into reality.

The day began with an intimate training session with coaches from Türkiyemspor (a multicultural sports club in Berlin), followed by a meet & greet with Moritz Wagner, hosted by Hadnet Tesfai. As a young Berliner at the beginning of his NBA journey, Moritz Wagner talked about how he was inspired by Dirks Nowitzki´s impossible rise to greatness as a youngster.

Dennis Schroder joined in on a training session led by Misan Haldin, the former German national team player who founded Little Rookie League – a Berlin based basketball community focusing on skill development. During the meet & greet session, Dennis shared his own story and  emphasized the importance of dreaming crazy and perserverance when it comes to being an athlete.

After the sessions with two German sports heroes on the rise, the Maverick himself, Dirk Nowitzki, arrived at the Nike Basketball festival. Nowitzki joined the kids for an intimate discussion focusing on the power of dreaming crazy. Nowitzki’s legendary career still serves as inspiration to kids today, demonstrating that German players don’t just compete in the NBA but that they can dream crazy and dominate the world. Dirk´s impact is unwavering and it’s his achievements to date that have helped propel the appeal of Basketball in Germany and beyond as well as help shape and motivate a new generation of basketball heroes.

Ending the day of the festival, Dirk congratulated the winners and the participants of the game and said goodbye to more than 500 guests, before unveiling a ‘Wall of Dreams’. The wall of dreams is an artistic mural serving as a symbolic celebration of the day, where the “crazy dreams” of all kids who participated in basketball clinics and discussions throughout the day are now visually immortalized.


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