BERLIN CUISINE at Lola German Film Award 2019

Attendees of the German Film Award on 3 May 2019 at the Palais am Funkturm in Berlin were greeted on the red carpet with gazpacho in a test tube and dry ice “andaluz”. Cool smoke from the liquid nitrogen wafted around, delicacies floated through the crowd on black slate slabs, everything vegetarian and vegan. From avocado and sprouts to couscous with mint and pomegranate to waffles on a stick.

 The service came in signature black, the vegetables in all colours. As main food sponsor, Berlin Cuisine opted for a “green-green” theme. All meals served at the 2m x 15m food stations were exclusively vegetarian and vegan. The cuisine: both Levant and Italian. Soft-boiled organic egg and Israeli shakshuka made from tomato and eggplant with toasted bread and crunchy baby spinach – also without eggs for vegans. And the real eye-catcher: the eggs were on display in large aquariums for everyone to see. Here they were cooked sous vide at exactly 65°C for one hour. Once you got to the super bowls and dumplings – or the very latest the baked cauliflower with vegan yogurt from tahini and gremolata – it was pretty clear that vegan cooking does not mean simulating meat dishes. 

As always, Head of Food Rio Leonhardt briefed the team about achieving the perfect taste without compromise. Every little touch was perfect: the theme of the night was even represented on the dance floor. The mobile food station was completely bathed in green light. The greenest young broccoli, baked celery and parsley added to the colour theme. And they did truly taste as fresh as you could imagine.

Flexibility was also the name of the game when it came to the dessert: the panna cotta with blueberries was made from coconut; rose and mango flavours were available with either honey espuma or raspberry crumble. That was the perfect alternative to the white chocolate crumble for those with lactose intolerance.

“Tasty always goes well with tasty,” says CEO Max Jensen of this open concept. The contemporary taste of Berlin Cuisine inspired the movie industry and rounded off a perfect evening for stars such as Christoph Maria Herbst (Stromberg), Lea van Acken (Fack ju Göhte 3, Dark), Kostja Ullmann (Beat), Nikeata Thompson (McFit Awards Moderatorin) and Eike Knüppel (KNUEPPEL & COMPAGNON).


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